Some items made

See for more photos and recent items made.

Coozie with large insulated bottle

Warbird halfbag

Warbird halfbag

Pogies and framebag

Hot Pink Pogies

Bottle Cage Coozie with normal 21oz bottle

Pogies - All black pair and orange stripe pair.

Framebag zipper detail.

Mukluk before Triple D.  Short pogies, coozies and frame bag


All City halfbag

Warbird halfbag after Almanzo

Mukluk half bag

Santa Cruz Stigmata half bag

Crosscheck half bag.  OnOne Inbred full bag

Surly Troll full bag

Pen holder in a Surly Long Haul Trucker half bag

Singular half bag

Half bag

All City half bag

Trek XO2 half bag - one of the first, has thousands of miles on it.

Trek MTB full bag

Prototype handlebar bag with pocket

Surly Crosscheck half bag, with lock loop