Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almanzo and Utah

Two of the more awesome events of the 2013 have been Almanzo and a trip to Utah.  Both trips had some Gup Gum Gear along for the ride.  A number of half bags were seen on course in Almanzo, including the one pictured below.  This bag was made a little taller than normal per the owners request, as the contact between the bag and bottles keeps the nozzles cleaner when out on gravel rides.  Most prefer easier bottle access, but the customer is always right.

One well hydrated Salsa Warbird
Two full frame bags were run through the gauntlet in Southern Utah in May.  Both were a bit wider than normal and flared at the front to maximize capacity with the sacrifice being some leg rub at times.  The bikes were primarily used as shutlle vehicles for other activities, including packrafting and cantoneering, so having extra capacity was a treat.  Some minor creativity turned one of the bags into an external pack pocket attached to a too-small backpack during an overnight packraft and hike without the bikes.  The fat-bike did get some peculiar looks on the short periods of "normal" trail riding in Fruita and Moab.
Moab.  Beautiful.  Period.

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